Pateley Bridge

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The Watermill Inn

There have been several clubs in Nidderdale over the years, and arguably the best remembered of these was at Foster Beck, near Pateley Bridge.

Foster Beck

The folk nights at Foster Beck's Watermill Inn ran from the late 1960s to the early 80s. Hosting the Monday singarounds was Zeke Deighton, a strong singer and affable MC. Visitors to the club were guaranteed a fine evening's music and a jacket potato (which could either be eaten or used as a missile). Later Alan MacAvoy took over the running of the club, which had many illustrious visitors in its time, including Tony Capstick and Brian Dewhurst. On one particular evening Allan Taylor got in touch asking if he could perform to raise funds for a friend who was ill. He would donate his fee and bring along some LPs to raffle, and also offered to bring another musician who would do likewise. The audience at the Watermill got an unexpected treat when the said musician turned out to be Ralph McTell, who had long since left the clubs for bigger venues. Whether or not Ralph got a jacket potato is not known.

Zeke Deighton can be heard along with several other local singers on the Henshaws benefit CD. He hosts weekly singarounds at the Woodman Inn at Burneston.


Foster Beck favourites The Crofters were Kevin Renton, Iain Glover & Alan MacAvoy. Formed in 1969, they recorded a live LP at the Watermill, even naming an instrumental track The Pateley Bridge Special. Click on the 'play' icon below to have a listen.

You'll find more sound clips here. The band's name was chosen in honour of Boroughbridge's folk club, the Hotel Cottages monicker given a Scots twist (probably best not to call a band 'The Cottagers'). Alan is sadly no longer with us, but Iain Glover is still active on the scene as half of the duo Keepers Fold. Iain now sings with Joolz Cavell (updated August 2017) around North Yorkshire

Folk Weekend poster

There was a last-minute cancellation for the folk weekend advertised above, Jaquie & Bridie being replaced at short notice by Mike Harding.

Harefield Hall

During the 1970s Pateley's Harefield Hall staged medieval banquets, and folk musicians were invited to provide suitably 'rustic' entertainment. Among the performers were Nidderdale's own Kitskye Will, who are pictured playing The Kerry Recruit in November 1975.

Kitsyke Will

Left to right: Bob Thomas, Paedar Long, Chas Marshall and Tony Bayliss. More pictures can be found here.

Saturday folk nights at Harefield Hall continued in the 80s for a few years after the Foster Beck club ended, Derek Van Zelst was involved around this time. Guests included Johnny Coppin and John Martyn.

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