Ripon, Boroughbridge etc.

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White Horse, Ripon

Here are some other local towns and villages that have hosted folk clubs. If you can think of any more please add them to the list.

Birstwith: The Station.
Richard Muir had a hand in the running of this club, the pub was owned by his parents at the time.

Boroughbridge: Hotel Cottages.
This club was run by Alan McAvoy with the Crofters as resident band and generally had a featured "big name" act. The Hotel Cottages (Britain's first motel?) were near the site of Morrisons' Supermarket.

Burnt Yates: The New Inn.
Run by Jimmy Wilson.

Grewelthorpe: The Crown.
Iain Glover ran this club for a few years in the 80's
Run by Mick and Susie Darling.

Hampsthwaite: The Joiners Arms.
Run by Alan MacAvoy and Ray Bentley.

Kirkby Malzeard: The Queens Head.
Was run initially by Julie and Helen Ventress who were the daughters of the Landlord and Landlady.
Resident band were Alan MacAvoy, Iain Glover and Kevin Renton ( The Crofters).

Ripon: The White Horse, Bojangles, Royal Oak, Black Bull, Oak Tree Inn, Black-a-Moor.
Began in the 1960s, and for a time ran 3 nights a week (1 night for guests, 1 for residents and 1 for newcomers). It was run by Eileen and Alan Hammond, whose son Richard found fame on the BBC's Top Gear. Later on it was run by Dave and Hazel Purvis, initially on Sunday nights, then moving to Tuesdays, Dave and Hazel were joined by Malcolm Haynes and jointly ran the folk club until 1995 when Malcolm moved to Nottinghamshire Norman Garbutt and Nick Brooker took over. After a year Nick and family moved to Northallerton, so Norman and his wife Ann ran the club for another year until they took over the Oak Tree pub in Copt Hewick. They moved the Folk Club to the Oak Tree on Sunday nights and this was a success. After a couple of months, Jeff Wright was invited to join them to run the club. The pub was sold in 2000 and the club moved to the Black-a- Moor pub near the race course until the landlady retired in 2003. Jeff moved to Settle, and Norman and Ann gave up running folk clubs.

Scotton: Guy Fawkes.
Run by barber Denis Ward.

Starbeck: Prince of Wales.
Run by Graham Bickerdyke of the Knaresborough Mummers.

West End: The Stonehouse Inn.
Run by Zeke Deighton and Alan MacAvoy.

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