Yorkshire and beyond

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Many thanks to those folks who've added information about their own areas. These go a little beyond the intended scope of the site, but there's no reason why every area can't have its own folk clubs site. Wikispaces is very easy to use, why not give it a go? In the meantime, here are a couple of entries from further afield:

The Hartshead Moortop Folk Club (near Cleckheaton)
Ran from 1975-6 by Pete Fawcett and Bruce Michael Baillie. Every Thursday evening. Had guests such as John Leonard & John Squire, Martin Wyndham-Read, Bob Stewart, Burnt Peat, Dill Davies to name but a few.

Durham City Folk Club
Founded in 1969 and was a major club for years, the best years being in the City Hotel and the Salutation when the best in folk of the time appeared. The club was the force behind the Durham City Folk Festival which lasted from 1972 until 1989. The club exists as a Singers' Club now and meets on Thursdays in The Tap and Spile, Framwelgate Moor and is the force behind the Durham Folk Party which began in 1990 and still runs. [Ian McCulloch]