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If you have any photos from the clubs or of the pubs that hosted them please scan them and post them here. The 'help' pages give you step-by-step instructions on how to do this, but if you want any further assistance please email

Here's a page from a 1966 issue of Folksy, in which both Harrogate and Ripon's clubs are mentioned.
'Folksy' magazine

The Ladle-ettes (Betty Lupton's musicians) at the Knaresborough Folk Club, the Borough Bailiff, in September 1981.

The Ladle-ettes

Left to right: Sue Marshall, Heather Hazell, Chas Marshall, Ellie Slaughter and Ian Hazell.

The Knaresborough Mummers performing The Four Champions of Great Britain at Boroughbridge's folk club. This was at the Hotel Cottages (on a site near to where the Morrison's Supermarket now stands).

Knaresborough Mummers

Left to right:
Dave Dearlove, Les Hewitt, Arthur Jackson, Chas Marshall, Graham Bickerdyke and John Burrell.

Also from the Hotel Cottages, a calendar from 1974:

Boroughbridge guests, 1974

Stuart Crampton and Roy Hardacre performed as Herring's Belly until Stuarts death in October 1988:

Herring's Belly