Sound clips

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Do you have any recordings from the folk clubs? Digitising them has never been easier. Old cassette recordings can be cleaned up and transferred to CD. If you want any help, or if you'd rather leave the technical stuff to others then you can post a comment in the 'discussion' area or email me at

Playing Let no man steal your thyme in Harrogate Folk Club in the early 1970s. The band was: Barbara Seaborne - guitar, dulcimer & vocals; Royce Seaborne - vocals; Alan Morrison - guitar; Mark Uttley - fiddle & mandolin.

Kitsyke Will
Nidderdale's own Kitsyke Will performing Johnny Cope on BBC Radio Leeds. The band was: Bob Thomas - vocals & bodhran; Paedar Long - fife; Chas Marshall - tenor banjo; Tony Bayliss - guitar

Mike Waterson
Singing Doing a Bit at Knaresborough Folk Club in the 1980s.

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