Your host

I use the term 'host', as 'webmaster' sounds like some comic book super-villain, and as you can see by the photo, I'm just a normal chap who occasionally dresses up as a Roman Goddess. Besides, the idea of this site is that you can be the webmaster (or webmistress). I'm just here to help things along.

Anyway, I'm Mark Ellison, and I'm a member of that fine body of men, the Knaresborough Mummers. The photo is taken from a performance of The Four Champions of Great Britain. The reason I'm wielding a trident might become clearer if you visit the Mummers' site, but in general most of our performances see us wielding swords, clubs or kitchen utensils. We perform in some rough pubs, you see.

I'm also the coordinator of the 'Blind Jack' project. We've staged a few concerts as part of Knaresborough's feva week, and in 2008 launched The Blind Jack Band, a benefit CD in aid of Henshaws Society for Blind People.

I started attending Harrogate's Friday 13th folk club just in time for its closure. Talking to the regulars it's clear that the local clubs have been the hub of some great music and the source of some great memories. I hope that the site can help to keep some of those memories alive.

Many thanks to the following people who helped with the information needed to get this site up and running: Ray Black, John Burrell, Jan & Zeke Deighton, Iain Glover, Ernie Green, Roger Knowles, Chas Marshall, Joe Nicholson, Dave & Hazel Purvis.